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Akron Central School Superintendent Allen R. Derry said Friday that results of the early-reading and Regent preparation programs developed in the district last year "have been phenomenal."

"We have even greater expectations this year as the programs become more effective and focused," Derry said.

He pointed to what he called a "unique" English, science and math program in the high school that extends extra help to students who need it, "so they actively will be receiving more instruction in math, science, language arts and English."

"We're looking with great anticipation to those programs," he added.

Earlier this year the Akron School Board approved a prekindergarten program for the district's 4-year-olds and Spanish instruction for pupils in kindergarten through fifth grade, according to Suzanne Kovic, elementary school principal. These two programs will offer a unique opportunity for elementary students to enhance their academic success, she added.

"We worked hard this summer to develop a comprehensive, well-articulated curriculum for each of these new programs -- one that is carefully linked within and across grade levels."

Brian Russ, a former special-education resource room teacher at the senior high school, who recently completed his program in educational administration, will be working closely with Mrs. Kovic to continue to develop and expand the district's academic program.

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