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All My Children: Becca had second thoughts about making love with Scott and pulled back. Scott was later tempted by Greenlee's obvious interest. When Dimitri's casket turned up empty, Edmund pressed Alex until she shocked him by claiming that Dimitri is alive. Alex took Edmund to see Dimitri, who was distressed that his brother observed him in his current condition. After learning that an experimental treatment could save Dimitri, Edmund asked David for help. Dixie finally admitted to Tad that she would put a child's life before her own, and agreed not to try for another baby. Coming: Hayley agrees to listen to Raquel.

As the World Turns: Although torn by her strong maternal instinct, Denise made the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of her child. Oakdale's residents were stunned when Reid's identity was finally revealed, as his lies and manipulations finally caught up with him. Margo's plan to protect Eddie encountered unexpected obstacles, placing them in a perilous situation. Barbara was forced to think about Parker's best interests as she and Carly remained at odds. Coming: Tragedy comes to Oakdale.

Bold and Beautiful: Giovanni was amazed by the change in Kimberly's attitude as she fantasized about Rick during her photo shoot. Becky faced off against Amber, who charged that Becky has no idea about how to be a mother and claimed that Amber could give little Eric a better life. Brooke informed Eric that she intends to find out what has been going on between Becky and Amber. While continuing to defend Amber, Rick became increasingly concerned about his missing son and wondered if Brooke's suspicions of Amber could be correct. Coming: Becky gives Amber her decision.

Days of Our Lives: Horrified to learn of Stefano's transformation of Hope, Doug and Julie offered their help to Bo. Doug's reminiscences of the past sparked memories that brought Hope back to life. However, Stefano, suspecting something was not right with "Gina," ordered her to give Bo the potion immediately. Belle was taken with Brandon, while he made his interest in Sami known to her. Kate had to hide her jealousy when Nicholas and Billie went out on a date. The real Princess Gina was unaware that the man she saw with her daughter was her long-lost John. Coming: Greta feels the presence of her mother.

General Hospital: Jax was delighted when Sonny was arrested, but Alexis defied Jax's wishes and agreed to represent Sonny on her own terms. Carly blamed Hannah for Sonny's arrest, and the women came to blows. Jerry was rushed to the hospital following the car crash but finally woke up. However, after Jerry seemed on the mend and asked Bobbie to marry him, he suddenly suffered a seizure. After Faison gave Helena the antidote, she began to regain mobility. Luke returned to town and promptly delivered an ominous warning to Faison. Coming: Juan and Emily say goodbye.

Guiding Light: Pilar took steps that would eliminate Ben from her life, while Selena discovered Ben's connection to her past. After meeting the man in her dreams, Reva considered Richard's proposal, but an upset Josh threatened to leave San Cristobal alone. Jesse and Drew reconnected with each other. Danny, Michelle, Matt and Jim desperately searched for a way out as they faced a firing squad. Coming: Vanessa must deal with a new problem.

One Life to Live: Following Skye's declaration that she is Ben's wife, Ben tried explaining to Viki that he believed their marriage had been annulled, though Skye never filed the papers. Bo and Lindsay decided to give their relationship another chance, and Lindsay was relieved when Sam decided not to tell Nora the truth about her deception. Max walked out when Asa maltreated Blair, and refused to return unless it was with Blair--his wife. A chilling connection came to light that linked the rapist to Rae. Coming: Kelly faces mortal danger.

Passions: Tabitha shape-shifted and got into Faith's house, which she set on fire. Miguel felt helpless as he thought he heard Charity screaming inside the burning home and abandoned a seductive Kay to attempt a rescue. Theresa was ecstatic when Ethan mistook her for Gwen in a darkened theater and kissed her hand. Pilar promised Sheridan that Luis would never find out about her past. Meanwhile, Sheridan dreamed and saw a body on the floor, possibly the person she had killed but whose identity eluded her. Coming: Grace fears that she's lost her sister forever.

Port Charles: Despite Kevin and Mac's best efforts to keep Julie from being released from Ferncliff, the judge granted permission for Julie and Chris to marry. Victor claimed to remember nothing about Cobra but was in fact keeping the information secret to protect his loved ones. After seeing Frank give Neil an expensive gift, Courtney followed Frank to find out the source of his money. Scott, Joe, and Karen installed a monitoring device in D.V.'s hotel room. Kevin promised to help Eve find out what happened to her son. Coming: Courtney gives Frank an ultimatum.

Sunset Beach: A devastated Emily slapped Sean and announced they were through when he finally admitted having made love with Amy. Ben confessed to Meg that even though he loves her, he must make his home with Maria and his son. After seeing how much Casey still cares for Meg, Sara realized her hope of reconciling with him was in vain. Concluding that Olivia will never willingly share Trey with her, Caitlin consulted a social worker in the hope of having Olivia declared an unfit mother. Coming: Emily has harsh words for Amy.

Young and Restless: When Victor refused to even discuss having another child, an upset Nikki blurted out that if he won't listen, someone else might. After Billy's party got out of hand, the police arrived and took everyone to the station for underage drinking. Jill was appalled to learn what had happened, especially since she was being blamed for the melee by the other kids' parents. When Jill's gold lighter fell out of Mac's backpack, she jumped to an obvious conclusion, unaware that J.T. had planted it there. Tricia and Ryan were devastated to learn that their unborn child had died in the womb. In India, Kay couldn't wait to tell Brock about his daughter. Coming: Callie must get out of her marriage to Trey.