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Somewhere along the line, ABC should take itself out of the running for broadcasting any sporting event where international competition pits the United States against another country.

I sat shocked listening to a crowd of supposed adults at the Little League World Series chant "USA, USA," in defiance to the youngsters of Osaka, Japan, who should have been the focus of admiration and, at the very least, polite applause.

What really got to me was ABC's brief wrap-up and even briefer interviews with the winning team. And then, its decision to show the final innings of last year's Little League game, where the U.S. team won. Totally classless in every respect.

If the American people and ABC are only interested in applauding American winners, then at least with this sport, where children should be the focus, let's stop calling it the World Series and just have a playoff of American teams. At least that way, no one would have to resort to showing last year's winners instead of concentrating on this year.


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