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The St. Bonaventure University School of Education has received a $1.16 million federal grant to help future teachers better use technology in the classroom, the largest single grant in the history of the institution.

The money, which will be distributed over three years, will go mostly toward training professors, students and local teachers how to better use the tools already available to them from computers to video cassette recorders.

"We want our students to become so familiar with computer software and a variety of uses of computer tools so that it becomes part of their everyday way of doing things," said Nancy Cunniff Cassey, the assistant professor of education who applied for the grant.

St. Bonaventure has about 500 students majoring in education. The university works with several local school districts and has developed a unique program that has undergraduates interning in schools long before they reach the stage of becoming formal student teachers.

It is that stage of their education, a period described as "preservice," that much of the grant will be applied, said Carol Anne Pierson, dean of the School of Education.

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