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As one who swims in both Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, I could not believe my eyes this summer when I saw on local TV weather reports that both lakes were 73 degrees. I checked to see how these temperatures are arrived at.

According to an official at the Buffalo Water Filtration Plant, Lake Erie temperatures are taken in the Emerald Channel near the water intake at a depth of 20 feet. At the time I was talking to him, the temperature was 72.8 degrees. He also told me that a temperature line runs from his office to the water intake in the middle of Lake Erie at a depth of 20 feet.

After many attempts, I contacted a weather man from a local TV station. He told me the Lake Ontario temperature is taken at a boat harbor in Rochester. He did not know at what depth the temperature is taken.

This is misleading. If we are playing on a level playing field, we should not be listing a temperature taken in a boat harbor with a temperature taken in the middle of the Emerald Channel.


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