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Authorities have rejected an appeal to let "Eyes Wide Shut" run uncut in Singapore.

That means Stanley Kubrick's last work might not be screened in the tightly controlled Asian city-state, because Warner Bros. is under contract to show it exactly as it was made.

"We're not allowed to tamper with the film at all, in any way," studio spokeswoman Li Sok Heng said Tuesday.

"We're reviewing our options," Ms. Li said. "We'd probably have to get back to the makers of the film in the United States and see if anything could be done."

The government-appointed Films Appeals Committee, a citizen group with the final say in such decisions, insisted that a scene involving oral sex between two women be cut. The panel also said chanting from the sacred Hindu text the Bhagavad Gita -- which accompanies an orgy scene -- is religiously sensitive and must be "muted or replaced."

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