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School Board member Scott Schultz had a mixed reaction to opening day at North Tonawanda Senior High School Wednesday.

On the positive side, he told the board that there was a noticeable absence of the odor of cigarette smoke in the crowded corridors, contrary to past years.

On the not-so-positive side -- at least as far as Schultz is concerned -- was the dress of the students.

His concern was the sight of spikes and heavy chains worn by both high school boys and girls -- to say nothing of the wearing of a garish variety of hats and caps and tinted hair.

"I think I saw everything but the color green in hair," Schultz said adding, "Do we need some kind of dress code? I don't mean uniforms," he said, but a toning down of school attire.

Also, he asked: Could those heavy chains and spike-studded collars be quickly converted to weapons?

"I think they threaten or at least disrupt the education process," he said.

Regarding school dress codes, School Attorney Bernard Freedman said he would research the law to determine what is allowable.

Schultz said that school security officers seem to discriminate as to whom they question about chains and spikes. He said that the district should establish a policy on school security guidelines.

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