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I am writing in response to the reader who is opposed to plans to open up the Buffalo Psychiatric Center for redevelopment. As a past employee at the facility, I would like to make some observations.

This complex was designed by a world-renowned architect. Constructed of Medina sandstone, it is one of the few remaining facilities of its kind. It is truly a beautiful work of art. H.H. Richardson was a man of true vision, whose unique style of design should be preserved.

The facility has been vacant for years, except for a small portion that houses the administrative staff. The rest of the structure has been left vacant and unused except for the portion that was used for the filming of "The Natural." Like other buildings on the complex, it has been left in a state of deterioration.

Some facilities were left to decay until they became a safety hazard and had to be razed. Why not renovate an existing building, which would cost less than constructing a new one?

Many of the residents at the facility are now left to roam the neighborhood daily. West Seneca Developmental Center is all but closed down. Most of those residents have been relocated to other agencies. Wherever possible, the mentally ill are being mainstreamed into neighborhoods, in group homes, so they can interact with all people.

Let's stop being politically correct and get back to reality. Renovate the Richardson Complex and put some departments in the buildings that might interact with the residents. Perhaps then both groups will profit from the experience.



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