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I love Buffalo and see its natural beauty shine. As a scientist and artist, I have visited cities around the world, such as Paris, London, Dusseldorf, Munich, Cracow, Budapest and Jerusalem.

Buffalo has two of the world's largest fresh-water lakes on either side of it, as well as the mighty Niagara River. The European cities I mentioned all have smaller and less dramatic water systems than Buffalo.

Yet all of these exotic cities have easy access to their waterways, attracting thousands of visitors. The most elaborate parks are on the rivers.

In Dusseldorf, they buried some highways underground in order to regain river access.

The London Bridge, Tower Bridge has a tourist exhibit right on the bridge. People have access to 90 percent of the river.

Munich has its river integrated with gardens, a museum, a park and a zoo. The water from the Isar River actually flows through the Munich Zoo.

Millions of tourists visit these cities because they take full advantage of their meager rivers and lakes. Their natural resources are easily accessible and well-kept. People need a reason to stop in Buffalo when going over the Peace Bridge other than getting gasoline.

I doubt if a brand-new convention center will draw people. However, the world's largest waterfront zoo might do the trick. Or a waterfront park extending from Lake Erie to Niagara Falls. Or the world's largest science exhibit, focusing on automobiles, trains and space.

If any of these were constructed, visitors might make hotel reservations and stay for a while instead of going on to Cleveland for the next stop. Buffalo should be a world-class city.



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