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The proposed plea deal for attorney Drew Tidwell is an outrage. Whether or not one agrees with the stiff penalties for DWI and alcohol-related accidents involving fatalities, our legislators have implemented them, and they should apply to everyone. If this case had involved someone unlinked to the legal system, the outcome would be different. Yet despite the mounting circumstantial evidence, investigators have swiftly resolved that alcohol involvement can't be proved.

Statements by Tidwell's attorney and District Attorney Frank Clark are well-engineered and reek a nasty public-relations odor. Neither one addressed why a "decent and respected" man, if not intoxicated and of rational mind, would leave the victim for dead without even the concern to supply an anonymous emergency call. The attorneys and prosecutors involved once again demonstrate their negative contribution to morality by sending a clear message. In this situation, a person is better off, legally, to leave the victim and run than to face truth and justice.

My condolences to the Fruehauf family for their loss, which is surely compounded by having to listen to our district attorney state that "justice is served."


West Seneca

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