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A coffeehouse profiled on "Oprah" and in the New York Times is coming under fire from the Clarence Town Board.

Town officials announced Wednesday night that they plan to cite Clarence Center Coffee Co. and take legal action against the owners.

"There's a definite course of action that will take place that I'm not at liberty to say more, on the advice of the town attorney,"Supervisor Daniel A. Herberger said.

For months, residents have complained about noise and other problems. The Town Board had earlier warned co-owners Kyleena A. Falzone and Jeff Graceffa to keep the music inside.

But residents complained that they could hear every expletive sung by the band playing at the coffeehouse Labor Day weekend because of outdoor stereos.

"We had no idea it was going to contain profanity," Graceffa said, noting it was the last song played that night.

At the heart of the problem is the coffeehouse's popularity on weekends. Live music, micro brews and coffee hand-selected from the world's best draw quite a crowd.

During the week, there are fewer problems. After the Town Board meeting Wednesday night, about a dozen people were sipping coffee with light jazz music piped through the speakers.

"There's not much to do in the area, and this is where people come to have a good time," Graceffa said. "You have young people come in with more progressive ideas than a conservative town is ready for."

The eclectic coffeehouse opened last year at 9475 Clarence Center Road, the site of an inn dating back to the 1800s.

And while town officials vowed to residents they would take care of the problem, officials stressed that doesn't mean getting rid of the coffeehouse.

"It's going to be rumored that we're out to crucify the coffeehouse," Councilman Ian McPherson said. "We're interested in keeping the coffeehouse. They're a tremendous asset to the community . . . but some of this stuff is infringing on other's rights."

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