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After seeing numerous letters and the Sept. 5 News article regarding the ban on patrons bringing Thermos bottles into Ralph Wilson Stadium, I finally have to put my two cents in.

Just because the soft drinks and coffee at the stadium are expensive is no reason to think that patrons should be allowed to bring in their own beverages. A large soft drink of varying quality at a fast-food restaurant costs about the same, or more, than a 2 liter bottle of soda at the local supermarket, but we don't bring our own beverage to the restaurant.

This also applies to bars and nightclubs. Just because a person can buy a six pack of beer for the price of one or two drinks at a bar does not mean that it is OK to bring his own. And people don't seem to think they can bring their own drinks to Sabres or Bisons games or events at Shea's Performing Arts Center.

The excuse that this is a tradition and "we've always been able to do it" simply does not wash. Years ago, I was not required to wear a seat belt when I drove. But that's not the way it is now.

This argument can also be applied to pregame tailgate parties in the parking lot. If I were to sit and drink in any other parking lot for three hours, I would certainly be asked to move and most likely be arrested. Why do people think this is acceptable behavior at a football game?



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