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Once again, Buffalo has been spared the ignominy of living dangerously by the proud purveyors of the status quo. Although I am not sure what it will take to change things in a positive way in our wonderful city, the first step must be to change the leadership, or perhaps more aptly, develop some.

It is frustrating to behold a city with all the potential of Buffalo and accept the harsh reality that it remains just that -- potential. We have no master plan and no leadership. For those in charge, this is ideal. The absence of a plan also means the absence of accountability.

Progress is not without growing pains and sometimes mistakes. In most endeavors, mistakes are expected and are considered learning experiences. Buffalo, unfortunately, never seems to reach that point.

Whenever a new plan or even a new thought is proposed, the legion of second-guessers descends with all its fury upon the poor soul who dared such heresy. These individuals always seem to see the proverbial glass as half-empty.

My business requires extensive travel. This has given me an opportunity to see what progress other cities are making. Many cities the size of Buffalo are making giant strides forward. They have developed a plan to bring in new business and opportunity and are implementing it. They are growing, not dying.

Perhaps the best legacy the current civic leaders can leave the next generation is to step aside, recognizing that they lack both the initiative and team-building capability that is essential to move our region forward.



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