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A 16.2 percent pay raise for County Clerk Wayne F. Jagow is on the agenda of the County Legislature today.

Jagow, a Lockport Republican who is unopposed for re-election in November, will earn $52,234 this year. The resolution on the agenda would boost his salary to $60,702 next year.

The resolution also sets pay rates for the subsequent years of Jagow's new term at $62,523 in 2001, $64,398 in 2002 and $66,398 in 2003. The raises are 3 percent for 2001 and 2002, 3.1 percent in 2003.

Jagow said he deserves the big boost in 2000 to make up for a pay cut imposed on him four years ago by what was then a Democratic-controlled Legislature. After the 1995 election, in which Jagow won his first full four-year term, his pay was cut from $54,000 to $48,000.

"They cut it drastically," Jagow said. But the Republicans are in the legislative majority now.

The clerk said: "Had I been on track, it wouldn't have been such a large amount (in 2000). It really looks out of whack, but that's why." He said he would have been making about $58,000 this year if he hadn't been cut back.

Jagow said his duties have expanded with the county's records-management effort. Acceptance of a $42,000 state grant for heating and ventilating the records-storage building, whose opening Jagow spearheaded, is also on today's agenda.

Jagow's raise still must pass the Finance Committee, which meets 90 minutes in advance of today's Legislature meeting, before reaching the floor. It already passed two other committees, Administration on Aug. 19 and Human Resources Aug. 30.

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