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Closet clueless? Pick up the September issue of Seventeen magazine and get the details on their wardrobe makeover contest.

In 50 words or less, tell the mag's style squad your "creative solution for disposing of your wardrobe failures without just trashing them -- and include the reason why you deserve to be one of Seventeen's two closet-makeover winners."

The two who write the most convincing letters will win a visit from the magazine's style experts and a check for $500 to buy new things. Details are in the September issue. Entries have to be in the hands of Seventeen no later than Nov. 1.


Some mornings you just HAVE to wake up on time. But you never know when the power might go out and mess up your clock. Hey, don't lose sleep over it: The new SmartSet Clock Radio by Emerson Research claims to have a backup system that maintains time, date and alarm settings during a power failure. (Its internal computer automatically adjusts for daylight-saving time.) If you think you'll blow a fuse over the $40 price, maybe ask your folks to buy themselves one. As your chauffeurs, they need to get up on time too! For store info in your area, call (800) 898-9020.


The Washington Redskins have taken lots of heat over their name. Opponents say the NFL team should change the name because they say it insults Native Americans. But the team's new owner, Daniel Snyder, is going in the other direction: He recently told the Washington Post he'll change the name of the team's home stadium from Jack Kent Cooke Stadium to Redskins Stadium.


Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs, founding member of Brit rockers Oasis, has quit the band after eight years. No bad blood that we know of. Word is, the split was friendly; Arthurs wants to try new things.


"Everybody else (on the team) is married, so they're pretty much stuck with me."

-- Derek Jeter's explanation for why all those girls are screaming.

-- Knight Ridder

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