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The scenario of many disabled people reads as follows: We are taken suddenly ill. We can no longer work, so we lose our jobs. After COBRA runs out, we lose our group insurance and have to seek new insurance to supplement Medicare -- if we can even get on Medicare.

There are few supplements that offer any prescription coverage, and those that do offer such limited coverage it is almost useless. Many of us are willing to pay for group coverage, especially for prescriptions, but no one is willing to offer it to us unless the government steps in and gives Medicare a group rate.

As a result of the illness, we are no longer able to hold a job, we are no longer taxpaying members of society and we are slowly losing all our savings to drug companies that are overcharging us simply because we have the misfortune of not being covered by insurance.

Not only that, but when new drugs come out that might help us, they are too expensive for us to even consider. Thus, things that might help reinstate us as dues-paying members of society are denied to us as they are continually flaunted before our eyes in two-page magazine advertisements and expensive television commercials.

Frustration, however, can lead to action, and one thing we will be looking at is the voting records of our politicians on medical issues. There are many of us in this position, and our voices will be heard on Election Day.



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