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In a recent column, Carl Rowan once again treated us to his usual nebulous logic. He was correct in saying that parents seek the best education for their children. The education of children is what the voucher debate is about.

Rowan expresses an obligation to pay taxes to finance the public school system, but says he has no obligation to support private or parochial schooling. That's the beauty of the voucher system that he misunderstands. Options is the name of the game.

Both rich and poor income levels pay taxes. The voucher system isn't about the state supporting religion or the poor vs. the fortunate, it's about freedom of choice. Each taxpayer has the choice of how his or her tax dollars are used and how his or her children are educated. While he may wish his tax dollars to go toward the public school system, Mr. Jones and Ms. Smith may wish to contribute to the private sector. That's what vouchers are all about.

Gabriel Krafft East Amherst

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