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Some preteen girls players are wondering why their school district wants them to work harder just to play soccer with the boys.

In June, parents and children wanted to start a girls soccer team, but the 1,000-student school district said it was not big enough to support another team. Parents said that was untrue -- that 27 girls were ready to play.

Some girls, meanwhile, decided to try out for the boys team.

The school said the girls would have to meet a skills test created by the state in response to Title IX. Requiring timed runs -- including a tougher standard than 20-year-old State Police candidates have to meet -- was the last straw for some. The boys do not have to take the test.

The district did not discriminate, Superintendent Sherman Parker said. "I believe we've done everything we've been expected to do," he said, adding girls are offered volleyball and field hockey. Both sexes can join running and golf teams. Boys have their own soccer and football teams.

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