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After reading the Aug. 30 letter, "Fight to keep DMV offices open," I had to respond. It is obvious that the writer, a Department of Motor Vehicles employee, has never experienced the customer side of a visit.

To suggest that the public rally behind the DMV makes about as much sense as asking people to rally for higher taxes to keep a wasteful government bureaucracy operating the way it did 50 years ago.

It's about time the department downsizes its work force and utilizes technology that's been available for decades. It makes much more sense to mail in a form than it does to wait in line for an hour only to be confronted with a rude worker who can't answer my question anyway, except to tell me "go wait in that line."

While it may be true that she cares about her customers, she has never waited on me. I'm usually dealing with a person who acts like I'm lucky they're even giving me the time of day. The best DMV experience I've had was being allowed to mail in my renewal.

She argues that closing certain DMV offices will cause people to wait in long lines for answers to simple questions. How is that different from now?

I propose that the DMV open a Web site to take care of 90 percent of its everyday business. Then staff a small, qualified office to answer those tricky questions that tie up the rest of us for hours.

As a citizen who cares about his community, I despise the suggestion to maintain status quo unnecessary government spending. It's our time and our money the DMV is wasting. Let's get with the 90s -- they're almost gone.

Mark Zuchlewski Amherst

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