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The recent story about Pedro Martinez's problems with the Red Sox brass once again leaves me confused, frustrated and downright angry at some of these immature athletes.

The first incident involves Martinez showing up late on his pitching day, so Jimy Williams starts somebody else. Martinez goes ballistic. Well, tough luck, Pedro. Rules are rules. Martinez comes in, in a relief appearance and gets his 17th win and he's still mad.

The second incident in the Boston clubhouse has Martinez going off on the general manager accusing him of checking up on him. Huh, well somebody has to, Pedro, you're acting like a little temper tantrum filled brat. Then Martinez has the nerve to get on national TV and say "the clubhouse is my home, you come in my home and I shoot you." What's up with that?

The Boston Red Sox have enough problems trying to catch the New York Yankees this year without this internal distraction.

I hope Pedro Martinez wins 20 games this year and wakes up to the realization that being successful not only includes talent, but also has the ability to follow rules and respect your superiors.


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