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Life's train derailed
when the doctor said,
"It could be cancer;
I'm not certain. I'll
order tests. Then we'll
know how to proceed."
All forward motion
stalled in a vast
wilderness of terms
I had never heard.
Tense, tangled time of
haunted dreams, halted
motion. Surprising
illness crushed our peace.
Pounds dropped like tears
shed, going where
all dreams and plans
for the future hid,
in X-rays waiting to
be interpreted.
While fear prowled through
my nights, attacked sleep.
And I felt as if
the world had grown dark.
but I had merely
to shift tracks, and now
I journey once more.
Bring on the enemy!
I will fight bravely.
Bring on the enemy!
I will fight . . . bravely.
Sandy McPherson Carrubba lives in Buffalo.

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