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As most of us know, Kenmore police officers react like killer bees when they spot anything moving faster than 5 mph above the village speed limit.

Well, beleaguered motorists now have a new hero -- Mayor Masiello's chief of staff, Vince LoVallo.

LoVallo turned the tables on a Kenmore officer last week, issuing him a tongue-lashing about speeding through Buffalo . . . in a marked squad car, no less.

LoVallo spotted the officer near Niagara Square and followed him up Delaware Avenue, clocking the squad car at about 40 mph in a 30-mph zone.

There was no rush, apparently, because the squad's emergency lights were off and an elderly woman was in the front seat.

LoVallo -- anything but shy -- pulled alongside to confront the officer several times at red lights along Delaware. At one point, the officer could be seen frantically typing the Buffalo official's license plate into his computer.

Finally, near Delavan Avenue, the officer protested that he wasn't speeding because he was only doing 35 mph.


A POLITICIAN WHO TOOK A STAND The young professionals who formed the New Millennium Group have had a fairly successful year so far. But the civic group is not without growing pains. Members recently held a news conference, but this one looked different from all the others. There was no podium. Jeremy Toth no longer coordinates the news conferences for the group. He's now a candidate for an at-large Common Council seat. And he took his podium with him. "One of the good things about having an aspiring politician in your group is you always had a podium," remark RACE TO JUDGMENT, AM-POL STYLE Politics of destruction or politics of race: Which is more distasteful? Clearly the former, the Am-Pol Eagle seems to believe. A recent editorial in the paper describes as "destructive" the three-way contest that pits Andrew Golebiewski and Steven Godzisz -- two Polish-Americans -- and Karen R. Ellington against each other for the Fillmore District Council seat. "The politics of a three-way race with two Polish-American candidates will make it very difficult for Polonia to keep this seat," the editorial observes. But the paper seems willfully oblivious to its politics of race. Golebiewski's name appears twice in the editorial. The opinion piece mentions Godzisz's four times by name. But Ms. Ellington is not identified at all. Instead, she's referred to three times as the "African-American candidate." The editorial chides Godzisz for being a spoiler in the race, boosting Ms. Ellington's chances. "We hope our community recognizes improper motives and rejects 'politics of destruction,' the editorial concludes. 'Our community deserves better than this kind of politics.' Indeed. STAR-SPANGLED 11-YEAR-OLD Kiesha Adamczyk, the 11-year-old from North Buffalo who belted out "The Star-Spangled Banner" for the Sabres during a Stanley Cup finals game, has found a new gig at One Bills Drive. Kiesha sang the national anthem at the Bills game Saturday and is on the roster to perform at more games this season, her mother says. Kiesha's delighted to be there, but she's still learning her way around, Pat Adamczyk said. Let's face it, the child's better at finding her way around a Diana Krall number than the 300-pound athletes at Ralph Wilson Stadium. During a recent sound test, one player approached her and marveled at how mature she seemed for her age. "We didn't know who he was," the proud mom added. "But we didn"t want to tell him that." THERE OUGHT TO BE A LAW Who hasn't seen the lousy behavior of some fans at Bills games? You know, the drunks who run out onto the playing field, fight one another in the stands and urinate in the parking lot. But let's show some perspective. At least the morons Bills fans are stuck with don't wear badges. Pity the folks in Canton, a village in northern New York. The director of the Partridge Run Golf Course there says that an Aug. 13 golf tournament turned into a "drunk fest," as corrections officers urinated in public view, damaged the greens with golf carts and used the carts as bumper cars. Canton Mayor Ronald Houle wrote in a letter to Corrections Commissioner Glenn Goord that the village would no longer hold the correction officers' annual golf outing. Let's hope the new, get-tough security measures work at Ralph Wilson Stadium. We don't want them here, either. Off Main Street is written by Patrick Lakamp with contributions from Tom Dolan, Harold McNeil and Charity Vogel.

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