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This time of year most football fans

Are filled with hype from camp

And dream that this will be the year

Their team will be the champ

As Bills fans we are burdened

We bear a heavy cross

They care not that we went four straight

They only care we lost

To shed the losers' label

We must win the prize we lack

Then hoist Lombardi's trophy

Shrug the monkey off our back

The hated Jets and Dolphins

Are the foes that bar the gate

Coached by Jimmy and the Tuna

What a cruel joke played by fate

Our name's inscribed upon the Wall

We're "Twelfth man" by decree

Few other fans in football

Have our sufferance or esprit

From the armchair, seat, or bar stool

We will root with heart and grit

It's real easy to be macho

When we never take a hit

Our Bills are prepped and ready

Full of Flutie Flakes and fight

After four times being foiled

Number five will make it right

West Seneca

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