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The late film director Stanley Kubrick was angry over his reputation as a "monstrous nerd" in the last two years of his life but couldn't decide what to do about it, his wife said in an interview published Saturday.

Christine Kubrick, 67, who was married to the director for 42 years until his death in March, told the Times he was an outgoing man, not the recluse often portrayed in the media.

"He was a perfectionist in his films. He wasn't a compulsive, horrible workaholic. He was very gregarious," she said.

But in the media, she said, "There were huge ridiculous articles (about Kubrick). They said he was a monstrous nerd, a person who . . . shoots at tourists, a grotesque monster."

Kubrick, the acclaimed director of "2001: A Space Odyssey" and "A Clockwork Orange," died March 7 at age 70, about four months before the release of "Eyes Wide Shut," his last movie, starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

He was American-born but had lived in England for many years. He had not given an interview for two decades before he died.

His wife said he didn't speak to reporters because he thought his films were more interesting than he was. But there were also long gaps between his films, which she thinks contributed to media "curiosity" about him.

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