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I stood on a bridge last
night in my room watching
water whirl in all directions,
remembering how once,
driving to the Falls with
our cousins from California
in the old blue Buick, I
hoped to see rabbits
bobbing in the river
"They're rapids, you jerk,"
my brother said.
The night air
carried the question: Was it
the energy of initiative or release
that was so compelling?
Gathering the fullness
of my nightgown, I
leaned into the idea that
the vortex would reveal
life or death and that
finding either would be
worth the fall.
After a while I turned off
the light and settled
under the quilt.
Next morning as I walked,
the sun, bright and cold,
made my eyes water. I quickened
my pace, and shifted the bag
on my shoulder trying to figure
out the difference between
reconciliation and inspiration.
Irene Simon Sipos is the academic coordinator of student support services at Buffalo State College.

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