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Garden Variety

"Everyone's buying old French urns and statues for their garden, even old fountains. They're very much turning to the old English style. Even for their cottages and summer homes."

Ben Kuhns, Seasons

Keep It Short

"For hair for men it's clean, short, tapered, easy maintenance. We really don't see too many with long hair anymore. It's real neat and clean."

Pam Tychulski, Parkway Haircutting

Everything Old

"We sell a lot of items from a company called Little Earth. They make things like purses, briefcases and day planners from old license plates, rubber tires and bicycles." Newell Nussbaumer; Thunder Bay

In the Flesh

"For women and first-timers, it's usually something small -- flowers, little gekko lizards, hearts. But for repeat customers, they'll get a medium-size tattoo. We're seeing more people in their 40s and 50s, too."

Ed Walker, American Skin Art

Out of the Flesh

"I do about 30 to 40 laser tattoo removals a month, and it's been pretty steady for four years. Many patients have more than one tattoo and didn't like the way this one came out."

Worldwide Pants

"Convertible cargo windpants are all the rage these days. They have a zipper hidden by a seamed hem flap, and they convert into shorts. They're more street-wearable than the old sporty Adidas windpants."

Jean-Paul Gillespie, Urban Surf & Snowboard Shop

Dr. Daniel Buscaglia, Cosmetic Vein & Laser Center

Smart Talk

"Our Books of the Century discussions are very popular. They focus on a different decade every month, the books and films from that era. We've discussed Eugene O'Neill and F. Scott Fitzgerald, and people are really enjoying it."

Heidi Tucker, Barnes & Noble

-- Elizabeth Barr

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