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Ever since we've been hit with a garbage fee in the city, our service has steadily declined. My wife and I have tried on numerous occasions to call the complaint line, but no one answers the phone. So who do we call to complain?

Certain weeks, neither the regular trash nor the recyclable items are picked up. Other weeks, one is taken and the other is left behind. The last five weeks have been the worst, and the comment I received from one garbage man infuriated me so much that I had to write.

On July 23 and 30 and again on Aug. 6, three weeks in a row, my recyclable trash was not picked up. The regular bagged trash was taken. On Aug. 13, I got up early to watch how the garbage men work.

To my surprise, two guys were riding on the truck and jumping off every so often to grab some garbage. As they approached my house, they stopped at my neighbor to the left, grabbed his trash, hopped on the truck and rode right by my house. Then they stopped at my neighbor to the right and grabbed his garbage -- missing mine completely.

As I rushed out the door to catch them, they jumped back up on the truck, ready to move on. I hollered to them from my front porch, and asked why my garbage wasn't picked up.

He replied: "I didn't see it. You should put it where I could see it. If I don't see it I won't pick it up."

I left my trash by the curb like everyone else. Where does he expect me to put it, in the middle of the street? Looking down the street, I saw I wasn't the only one being ignored.

I've talked to my neighbors and they also are having trouble getting their trash picked up and are not getting any answer when they call to complain. This is very frustrating.


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