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Where do I go now that you're gone?
Whom do I write to
To tell how you suffered
How I'm suffering now
Standing at the edge of this chasm which must be my life
How do I find you when you aren't there anymore?
If I set a note in this river will it sail away to you?
If I follow the wind far enough won't it lead me to you?
Do you watch from the mountaintops
Do you walk the forest floor
Are you where snowflakes linger just before they fall
Are you waiting where the sun just sets at the edge of the oceans
Why can't I see you when you're everywhere now?
You are where the forest is wild and streams whisper secrets
to the mountains
Where gray clouds hover and fading sunlight burns the land
. . . you are where stars fall . . .
How do I keep going when you can't be my destination
How do I stop thinking that you are there
If only I walk far enough
Maureen Lougen lives in Lockport.

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