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The Edgemeister, career curmudgeon as he is, has finally found something that interests him: news stories about naked people. A sampling of items he's compiled from his tireless research that has given his life new meaning ...

-- A spokesman for the American Association of Nude Recreation has predicted that the next 1,000 years will be known as the "nude millennium," citing the fact that the number of nude weddings are on the rise. Proponents say naked nuptials cut costs because the only attire needed is a bow tie for the groom and veil for the bride.

-- A survey on the most popular au naturel sports include nude billiards, nude aerobics and nude horseshoes.

-- Six naked British swimmers became the first all-naked relay team to swim the English Channel.

Fun Things to Do While You Drive

-- Have a friend ride in the back seat. Bound and gagged.
-- Wear snorkel gear and hang fish from the ceiling.
-- Write "Help me" or "Redrum" on your back window in red paint.
-- At every stoplight, run out of your car, place pylons around you, gather them back up as the light changes and drive off.
-- Put your arms down the legs of an extra pair of pants, put sneakers on your hands and lean the seat back as you drive.
-- At stoplights, ask people of they have any Grey Poupon.

The Edge comes with the permission of the Oregonian newspaper in Portland, Ore., and the fabulous Edgemeister, who is willing to apologize to anyone he offends with his column.

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