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A Democratic district attorney is being sued for libel for poking fun at a Conservative Party rival who backed his golf cart into a pond.

Tom Cook, chairman of the Conservative Party in Monroe County, alleges in his $1 million lawsuit that District Attorney Howard Relin portrayed him as a drunkard and lawbreaker.

Relin's unsigned fax, sent to high-ranking county officials and a radio station, allegedly implied that Cook was drunk when the mishap occurred Aug. 2 at an annual golf tournament sponsored by the chairman's restaurant.

"After a day of providing his guests with as much beer as they could drink, poor Tom drove the beer cart into a water-filled quarry and had to be fished out," Relin wrote in the three-page fax.

Cook, a lawyer who defends people charged with drunken driving, denied he was drinking at the tournament, and more than a dozen witnesses back him.

The lawsuit, filed Friday in State Supreme Court, alleges that Relin intended to hurt Cook personally and professionally as a lawyer and a restaurateur.

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