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I have been following with interest the newest rule of not allowing fans to bring a thermos into the stadium.

My family has been season-ticket holders for nine years, and while that isn't as long as many fans, it still warrants a little criticism of the newest rule.

We have sat in our seats on many occasions and watched as other fans opened up blankets to reveal that they had hidden beer as well as small bottles of liquor. This is a lack of effort by the security that works at the stadium. While we have been lucky in our section not to have unruly drunks, it still does not make any sense. We used to bring in a thermos with hot chocolate, as well as soup when it was cold. When we entered the stadium, we were asked what was in the bag, and what was in the thermos. The funny thing was that most of the time, no one even asked.

I would also like to pose this question to the Bills' organization, what about fans who are on restricted diets for health reasons? Are you going to provide beverages that are sugar free? What about food that isn't loaded with salt?

I would have to agree with the letter from a reader from Williamsville. Why not monitor the sale of beer and cut down on the size of the cups? But then again, if you get the fans drunk they'll buy more beer, right? And that's basically what it comes down to. How to make more money.


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