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Cheektowaga Supervisor Dennis H. Gabryszak's father, a retired judge, was accused Friday of using his car to menace Sloan Village Attorney David Dale, a political opponent of his son.

But Dale said Henry R. Gabryszak, a retired Cheektowaga town and Sloan village justice, may have been angry with him for more than just campaigning against his son.

Gabryszak responded that Dale's allegations are "a malicious untruth" that were apparently "politically motivated."

"I am well respected in our community. I have been a judge in Sloan for 28 years and a resident here for nearly 62 years," Gabryszak said.

The village attorney said he had written the judge two letters asking for $100 or the village code book that he allegedly failed to return when he left office.

Dale said he and his nephew were handing out political slingers on Broadway near Lackawanna and Atlantic avenues in Sloan at about 7 p.m. Wednesday, when they encountered a car driven by the elder Gabryszak.

Dale said he and his nephew, whom he didn't name, were handing out slingers for Cheektowaga Council Member William P. Rogowski, who is running against Dennis Gabryszak for town supervisor. Rogowski is a onetime mayor of Sloan.

"Mr. Gabryszak yelled out of his (car) window that he wanted one of the fliers," Dale said Friday.

"I responded that he would get one at his house, and I refused to take one to his car," he said.

As he continued walking down Broadway, Dale claimed the elder Gabryszak "suddenly veered his white Lincoln Town Car into the private driveway (in which) I was walking and yelled: 'Give me one, you jerk.' "

Dale said he motioned for his nephew to stay clear and warned Gabryszak not to hit him with his car. "Gabryszak responded, 'Oh no, I wouldn't do that,' but he kept getting closer with his vehicle, so I quickly got to the sidewalk of Atlantic Avenue to get away from (him)," Dale said.

"However, (he) made another U-turn and drove down Atlantic, yelling, 'Your day is next' (and) wagging his finger out of his car window," the village attorney said.

Gabryszak acknowledged that Dale refused to give him a copy of the material he was distributing.

"He made some kind of remark, which I totally ignored. When he failed to give me a copy, I just drove off," he said.

Gabryszak also said he saw no one distributing material with Dale.

"He was alone," he said.

Dale said he thought of calling police as the alleged incident unfolded, but felt that "if I threatened Gabryszak with the police, he would definitely have hit me." The lawyer sent his account to the media, but said he didn't press charges against Henry Gabryszak "based on his past involvement in the village and his advanced age."

News Staff Reporter Dave Condren contributed to this report.

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