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Niagara Falls High School is in jeopardy of being added to the list of fading memories in many of our minds. On Wednesday, the Niagara Falls Planning Board will hold a public hearing on whether the school site should be rezoned to make the land available for "progress."

I am a member of the Planning Board. Without citizens presenting ideas to the board to counter or improve on those of the parties interested in the rezoning, we may be compelled to recommend to the City Council to rezone. Translated, that could mean that the school building will be torn down for the sake of adding yet another retail center to the city, competing directly with those that already exist, especially hurting any possible development on Main Street.

I invite all residents to present their ideas at the meeting and help us decide what should happen at the corner of Pine Avenue and Portage Road. The prevailing thought in this region is to do what has to be done to bring in enterprise to help us rebuild. But I don't believe that simply because there is a sense of desperation, that we should give our history away.

Residents need to make themselves more aware of the direction the city is taking and how their tax dollars are being spent.

Niagara Falls

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