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The signature bridge proposal represents the largest opportunity for Fort Erie and Buffalo to be part of a world-class project. I did not go to the recent meeting at the Fort Erie Library with this opinion, but I came back with it.

I am against the twin span for these reasons: It is unimaginative, boring and reflects "more of the same" type of thinking. It passes off to future generations the cost of maintaining and eventually replacing two bridges instead of one. And it misses the larger opportunity to do something inspirational and leave a first-class legacy.

Choices reflect values. Our choice of bridge design will mirror the values we hold most dear for now and for the future. We can choose to be creative and visionary, and show the world we have a taste for the sublime.

Who we are as thinkers, planners and builders will be left as an imprint forever frozen in architecture. We are being forced to choose between a good bridge and a great bridge. I choose and recommend greatness, because mediocrity scares me.

Ridgeway, Ont.

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