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Tabulations are based on an exit poll averaging at least 300 moviegoers per film. Viewers rate the movie between 1 star and 4 stars. "Audience Approval" is the percent who gave the film either 3 1/2 or 4 stars.


"The Muse" is typical Albert Brooks: desperation spliced with sarcastic wit. Remember, it was Brooks who introduced us to "flop sweat." In "The Muse," writer Brooks has developed writer's block. His aimlessly successful friend (Jeff Bridges) introduces him to a mythological Muse, played with snap by Sharon Stone. She can inspire him to great heights, but at a cost. There must be gifts, expensive and often spontaneous offerings that draw attention to Stone's vacuous intellect and Brooks' wit.

Albert Brooks is an acquired taste, and even his fans displayed only mild enthusiasm. Most of the 300 people we polled gave "The Muse" middling scores, indicating that "Lost in America," "Mother" and "Defending Your Life" were far better efforts.

Moviegoers said: "I can't nail it down, but there's something I don't like," "Some of Brooks' good stuff, but not much" (many) and "Funny and imaginative."

"The 13th Warrior": Adventure films don't always need a plot. They can get by with a challenge, some actors who are fun to watch, and gazillions of dollars worth of special effects to punctuate the dialogue. "The 13th Warrior" contains all three ingredients, but not in quantities sufficient to thrill moviegoers. Thirteen warriors lead by Antonio Banderas battle evil flesh-eating enemies.

Viewers reported: "There wasn't much to it," "All the gore had to be there because that's how they lived" and "Good costumes."


"The Astronaut's Wife": He's back from space, and aliens are using astronaut Johnny Depp's body much as you or I might use a Motel 6. Room service is provided by Charlize Theron as Depp's wife.

Viewers reported: "So bad," "OK until the ending" and "Ending was crazy" (many). (Los Angeles Times reviewer Kevin Thomas said it is "a moderately diverting thriller that builds suspense and entertains effectively."

"Dudley Do-Right": This live-action version of the '60s TV cartoon stars Brendan Fraser as the massive-jawed hero of the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), Alfred Molina as Snidely Whiplash, and Sarah Jessica Parker as Nell.

Moviegoers reacted: "Predictably funny," "The horse and a few other things made it good for my kids" and "The announcer was really funny." (Chicago Tribune reviewer Mark Caro said the film "clocks in at a mere 75 minutes but may seem like an eternity.")

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