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Thomas A. Czechowski, the exhibitionist football fan, plans to go into Orchard Park Town Court this weekend and promise he will not violate a judge's order to stay away from Buffalo Bills games this season.

Mia Arricale, who was convicted of public lewdness with Czechowski after they had sex in the stands during a Buffalo Bills game at the stadium last year, said her fiance will make his case before Orchard Park Justice John M. Curran.

"He told me he will do that, and he better do that, or I will kick his butt," Ms. Arricale said.

Ms. Arricale told The Buffalo News Tuesday that Czechowski stands by most of the remarks he made in an interview published Aug. 23, but does regret one of the things he said.

"The one thing Tommy regrets is saying he will defy the judge and go to the Bills game in disguise," Ms. Arricale said. "He realizes he shouldn't have said that. We have a baby on the way, and Tommy does not want to put himself in jail."

Czechowski, 35, of West Seneca, made news reports all over the United States last week when he insisted he has no regrets about the sex incident at a Bills-Indianapolis Colts game last November.

Bills' security officers arrested Czechowski and Ms. Arricale, 33, of Springville. Curran later convicted them of public lewdness, fined them $500 each and sentenced them to 100 hours each of community service. The judge also banned the two from going to Ralph Wilson Stadium -- even the parking lots -- for a year.

Curran was incensed after reading that Czechowski planned to ignore his ban and go to the Bills Sept. 19 regular season home opener in a Groucho Marx disguise. The judge ordered Czechowski to appear in his court this Saturday evening -- just before the Bills' preseason game against Pittsburgh -- and explain his remarks. Curran plans to keep Czechowski in court for several hours if he fails to convince the judge he will not go through with his plan to violate the ban on going to the stadium.

Ms. Arricale said Czechowski has assured her and his attorney, Daire Irwin, that he will tell the judge he has reconsidered his plans.

Czechowski, employed by a demolition contractor, was working Tuesday and could not be reached for comment.

Ms. Arricale said she was embarrassed by some of Czechowski's remarks in the Aug. 23 newspaper. But she said she does not disagree with his basic point that the couple's public lovemaking was less harmful than violent conduct by other Bills fans in recent years.

She said the couple plans to get married, but has not picked a date. She said they are expecting a child late this month.

Ms. Arricale said friends have joked that the baby should be named "Bill" after the Bills, or "Rich" after the former Rich Stadium.

Would she ever engage in such conduct again?

"We'd have to pick a different scene next time," Ms. Arricale said.

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