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Everyone can agree with Patrick Michaels that we should use air conditioning to save the lives of the elderly when temperatures reach unbearable levels -- "Saving lives more important than global warming."

But his contention that we should ignore global warming is absurd. In fact, as global warming elevates summer temperatures, heat waves will become more frequent and will put more people at risk.

Air-conditioning systems consume electricity that is typically produced by burning fossil fuels, the primary human activity that produces the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, which makes global warming worse. Michaels seems to think this is an unsolvable paradox when in fact it just illustrates the bind we are in.

Obviously, we can judiciously use air conditioning to cope with heat waves at the same time that we get serious about kicking our fossil-fuel addiction and reducing carbon-dioxide emissions.

It is time to stop wasting so much energy and begin the inevitable transition to solar, wind and other clean renewable energy technologies.

Michaels was identified in the article as "scientific adviser" to the Greening Earth Society, which might as well be the Flat Earth Society given its commitment to junk science. Go to its Web site -- -- and examine its page on "links" and it becomes abundantly clear that the organization is simply a front for the oil and coal industries.

In contrast, a visit to the Web site of the Union of Concerned Scientists -- -- will yield objective, scientific information on global warming and excellent suggestions on what can be done about it.



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