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Marking exactly two years since Princess Diana's death, Mohamed Al Fayed on Tuesday displayed the ring he insists would have marked her engagement to his son Dodi.

The ring and a glass of champagne that Al Fayed says is the one the couple last drank from before their deaths in a Paris crash were added to shrines at his Harrods department store.

At Kensington Palace, where Diana had lived, her most ardent admirers petitioned for a permanent memorial. Jill Marseilles stood outside the palace collecting 4,000 signatures.

Al Fayed, whose dealings with the government and Diana's family have grown embittered, says the deaths on Aug. 31, 1997, were a murder conspiracy plotted by people who did not approve of Diana's relationship with an Egyptian.

He says his son and Diana were planning to marry, and the diamond ring Dodi had bought was to have been an engagement ring.

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