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As a resident of the Elmwood area, I am ashamed of Forever Elmwood's public position as portrayed in The News on Sept. 18 -- that is, to keep social agencies out of our area.

I love living in an inclusive community. I don't want to see Forever Elmwood be unwelcome to any resident, especially people who are sick, disabled or poor.

As a mother of young children, the reason I love this neighborhood is because it is so inclusive. Many of us city residents welcome diversity and encourage our business and residential neighbors to take care of each other. People who have moved to the suburbs may get the impression that city dwellers are living in fear, but most of the people who are afraid of Buffalo are the ones who have already moved out.

As a city resident, I know that everyone needs a place to live, and being sick or poor doesn't necessarily make you a bad neighbor. Supporting and treating each other with respect and dignity is how we continue to be a neighborhood people want to live in.

Charlotte Vogelsang Buffalo

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