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For a young boy growing up there
there was nothing odd about the name at all;
the whole town looked like bison:
the stout profile on the map
to the hulky-shouldered city hall.
Bulky steel mills, bulgy grain mills,
beamy ships seen up close at harbor berth:
all looked like the bison at the train station;
even the train station looked like bison --
all breadth and blocky girth.
Men butt-heavy on their bar stools
drinking beer and eating beef-on-weck;
sturdy women hanging wash out
back of stocky-looking flats:
all bison hip-through-shoulder thick.
Some claim the name came from the French,
beau fleuve that the later British couldn't say;
but for a young boy growing up there
everything about the town was bison --
it was Buffalo all the way!
Kenmore writer John Milner's latest book is "Ramshacklebook: A Memoir."

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