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More accustomed to puttering around in a golf cart, Tiger Woods spent 35 minutes doing barrel rolls and whipping across the desert near Las Vegas at 570 mph in an Air Force Thunderbird jet.

"I'd love to do it again," Woods said as he walked across the tarmac with his pilot, Thunderbirds operations officer Maj. Randy Lane, following his flight out of Nellis Air Force Base aboard an F-16 jet fighter.

"I don't know how those guys do it," Woods said, decked out in a flight suit rather than golfing togs.

If Woods had any trepidations, they quickly vanished.

"He was a natural," Lane said after the flight. "I was very aggressive. I showed him all the maneuvers we do in our shows. He was ready for more. I told him I would get some more gas and we could go again. He's quite an athlete and was obviously in real good shape."

At one point, Woods asked Lane, "Can I fly home?"

"I let him fly half the way home with just a little help," Lane said.

Woods is in town to defend his title at the Las Vegas Invitational.

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