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Trailer Trash Barbie is as shapely as the real thing. The similarities end there.

A cigarette dangles from her lips, her platinum hair shows black roots, she has a baby slung over her hip and a quote bubble that says, "My Daddy Swears I'm the Best Kisser in the County!"

While shoppers nationwide plead for Holiday Barbies, stores here are offering a more eclectic assortment, including Trailer Trash Barbie, Hooker Barbie and Drag Queen Barbie.

The alternative dolls are retooled and decidedly unauthorized versions of the Mattel dolls.

The anti-Barbie dolls tap into a segment that loves nothing more than to loathe the wildly popular toy, enthusiasts say.

"I'm in good company -- lots of people have this obsession with torturing Barbie," said Sue Wandell, who as a child idolized Barbie but now collects anti-Barbies and relishes creating her own.

There's also Drag Queen Barbie -- actually a refurbished Ken doll, resplendent in evening gown and wig.

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