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Looking for a unique way to entertain your friends this winter? Stir Crazy! is a new party gamedesinged to let you have as much fun as your guests. No longer are you relegated to the kitchen to prepare the meal while your guests socialize. Stir Crazy! allows your guests to cook up the fun.

Simply select a theme (Mexican, Italian or Oriental), shop for the groceries and invite your guests. Players separate into two teams, each with an elected "Master Chef" who will supervise the cooking, table preparation and formulation of witty menu names. Teams randomly select ingredients by a turn of the game spinner and set out to create the best appetizer, entree and dessert using a portion of every ingredient they have. After dinner, everyone gets to vote on the best dish in each course. There's even a special award for "The Dish The Dog Wouldn't Eat."

The game includes a cassette tape, which guides players through the selection of teams and ingredients and then plays theme music; an eight-page host guide; 12 invitations; team name tags and aprons; an ingredient list (a foolproof mix-and-match selection); two chef hats; team menu cards; and voting forms. Stir Crazy!, produced by Decipher Inc., is available at Waldenbooks for $28.

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