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I am outraged to learn that dogs rescued from dog-fighting rings can be reclaimed by their former "owners" at the local city shelter. It is absurd that these people aren't put through a more stringent screening process prior to taking dogs and a disgrace that our shelter must close down in order to avoid harassment by them.

The City of Buffalo must start to take action against the despicable activities of dog fighting participants. I have a few suggestions:

Start a volunteer program at the city shelter to defray the cost of running it, and to defray the cost of improving it.

Develop a tougher screening procedure by which certain individuals will never be allowed to adopt dogs from the city shelter.

Pass stricter criminal laws and prosecute both leaders and participants of dog-fighting rings.

Jail people convicted of participating in dog fighting for a year on first offense, and a few years on subsequent convictions.

Our city shelter is obviously overextended and underfunded, as are most animal shelters.

Suzanne Lefcourt Buffalo

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