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3 -- 3325 Royal Ave., arrest. Richard M. Coppede, 41, charged with harassment.

4:16 -- 3207 Jerauld Ave., aggravated harassment. Antonio Strangio said someone has been making threatening telephone calls to his son at his home.

4:30 -- 333 Prospect Point, Hard Rock Cafe, stolen vehicle. Dana Rotino Amherst said someone stole her car, containing an engagement ring, a leather coat, videotapes, a radar detector, a pumpkin and personal papers, while she was working.

5:11 -- 3000 block of Niagara Street, robbery. An 11-year-old Royal Avenue boy said a boy punched him in the stomach and took $2 from his pocket.

5:45 -- 1708 Hyde Park Blvd., attempted burglary. Marie M. Rommel said someone cut a screen and broke a window to her basement.

6:12 -- 241 15th St., burglary. Leangela R. Drake said a man stole a rented deep freezer from her home.

6:30 -- 1500 Military Road, LaSalle High School, assault. Tabitha C. Humber of Townsend Place said a boy slapped her face and and scratched her arm on a bus in front of the school.

6:30 -- 1311 22nd St., criminal mischief. Darren P. Folsom said someone damaged a door lock on his home.

6:50 -- 2000 block of Ferry Avenue, assault. James H. Schmahl of Falls Street said a man jumped in his car and punched him the face.

7:20 -- 1716 Lockport St., harassment. Tanya M. Tierney said a man slapped her face.

8:40 -- 626 21st St., burglary. Robert L. Ripley said someone broke into his home and stole a video game system, six game cartridges and a bicycle.

8:45 -- 2205 Ferry Ave., criminal mischief. Carol A. Paduano said someone smashed her car's window.

8:45 -- 1800 block of Pierce Avenue, criminal mischief. Christopher D. Kennedy of Willow Avenue said someone broke his car's windshield with a rock.

8:50 -- 1800 block of Pierce Avenue, criminal mischief. Michael J. Cutlip of Beech Avenue said someone broke a car window with a rock.

8:54 -- 8560 Krull Parkway, assault. Sheri L. Kilmer said a teen-age boy threw her against a wall, punched her and threw a telephone at her.

9 -- 1162 Ontario Ave., aggravated harassment. Daniel F. Sparks said a man has been making annoyance telephone calls to his home.

10:30 -- Rainbow Bridge, arrest. Gary C. Campbell, 39, of Robinson Road, Lockport charged with aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.

11:59 -- 243 15th St., assault and menacing. Naomi J. Bowden said a man punched her face, dragged her by the hair, kicked her in the stomach, bit her on the arm and choked her.


12:30 -- 9455 Niagara Falls Blvd., aggravated harassment. Elaine Crittenden said a 17-year-old girl has been calling on the telephone threatening her and her daughter.

1:01 -- Main Street and Willow Avenue, arrest. Robert E. Swanson, 38, of Cleveland Avenue, charged with violation of probation.

2:28 -- Lockport Street and Ontario Avenue, arrest. Philip L. Griffin, 22, of Southgate, charged with violating a conditional discharge from jail.

3 -- 1243 88th St., larceny. Richard D. Susfolk said someone stole his car stereo and cassette player.

3 -- 1243 88th St., larceny. Karen K. Susfolk said someone stole a stereo and CD player, six CDs and $5 in coins from her car.

8:30 -- 212 Apple Walk, criminal mischief and petit larceny. Andre D. Mathews said someone stole a speaker box from each of his two cars, 26 CDs, cassette tapes, and an amplifier. His cars' doors and trunks were also damaged.

8:40 -- 433 15th St., burglary. Tashika L. McGrady said someone broke into her apartment and stole a television, a VCR, a cable converter box, personal papers and a radio.

9 -- 628 24th St., aggravated harassment. Shari D. Carter said a man called her abusive and profane names on her answering machine.

9 -- 918 Niagara Ave., harassment. Frank V. Delorenzo said a woman, who has been warned by police to stay away from him, came to his home and beat on his door.

9:17 -- 1804 Ferry Ave., criminal mischief. Pamela DeMonico said someone put nails under her car's tires, causing them to puncture.

10 -- 1107 13th St., aggravated harassment. Carol A. Swalwell said someone has been making hang-up telephone calls to her home.

10 -- 800 Niagara St., aggravated harassment. Paul D. Fernandez said someone has been making hang-up calls to his home since August.

10:26 -- 505 71st St., burglary. Mark Zito said someone broke into his home and stole a computer and printer.

10:40 -- 3811 Packard Road, larceny. Greta A. Kargatis said someone took her car's license plates.

11:09 -- 225 15th St., larceny. Mark T. Haven said someone took an aluminum storm door from his porch.

11:20 -- 1363 Michigan Ave., arrests. Jerome M. Sistrunk, 17, of South Avenue; Marquitta A. Graham, 17, of Pierce Avenue; and Crystal M. Siner, 17, of Jordan Gardens, each charged with criminal possession of marijuana. Miss Siner was also charged with failure to pay a fine.

11:30 -- 20th Street and Ferry Avenue, larceny. William P. McMillan, 15, of A Street, said a boy he was walking with grabbed $100 from his hand and fled.

11:55 -- 15th Street and Pine Avenue, assault. Wallace Williams of Pierce Avenue said two men attacked him with a pipe or board, knocking him unconscious.


12:15 -- 1500 Military Road, LaSalle High School, criminal mischief. Virginia Arraiz, a teacher, said someone scratched her car's hood and left quarter panel.

12:15 -- 75 Acheson Drive, larceny. Larry C. Henderson Sr. of 59th Street said a woman took his ring of keys.

12:30 -- 520 66th St., 66th Street Elemetary School, bomb threat. A school official said a boy called the school saying a bomb would go off there in one hour.

12:30 -- 520 Hyde Park Blvd., arrest. Robert J. Salerno, 37, of Hyde Park Boulevard, charged with failure to pay a parking ticket.

1:10 -- 1609 Pine Ave., aggravated harassment. Diana Billings said someone has been making silent telephone calls to her home.

1:30 -- 810 Portage Road, Odds-N-Ends, arrest. Baron L. Hall, 41, of Fairfield Avenue charged with petit larceny.

1:35 -- 700 block of Niagara Street, arrest. Marie L. Taylor, 29, no address listed, charged with petit larceny.

2 -- 1924 1/2 Whitney Ave., larceny. John J. Pacifico said someone stole a dashboard laser light from his car.

Time not listed -- Eighth Street and Walnut Avenue, arrest. Barbara A. Griggs, 43, of 10th Street, charged with petit larceny.

2:10 -- 20th Street and Centre Court, assault. Arthur L. Brown of Centre Court said a man hit him in the eye with a tree branch.

2:20 -- 121 12th St., arrest. Eddie L. Kidd, 53, charged with failure to appear in court.

4:50 -- 3700 block of Pine Avenue, criminal mischief. James A. Manz of Seneca Avenue said youths using a golf club hit rocks and pebbles into traffic, chipping the windshield and paint on a car owned by Tina M. Larratta of 19th Street.

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