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A recent article about a birth-control injection program to control the deer population in Amherst causes me grave concern about the long-term health effects on individual deer.

Has the birth-control substance been adequately tested by the FDA, EPA, NIOSH, SPCA and interested local and state agencies? If not, I suggest we call on Congress to supply emergency funding to study the effect of this chemical substance on the health and mental well-being of the Amherst deer population. Furthermore, if it is in the best interest of the deer for them to be supplied with radio transmitters, there is no question that they should be provided.

Then, when I take my grandchildren on my knee in a cold, dark room to read "Bambi" to them, I can explain it was worth bankrupting the United States to save the deer. I can further explain that even though we can no longer afford to buy oil from foreign countries, the small, vocal, special-interest groups know what is best for the rest of us who pay the bills for their "Looney Tunes" projects through ever-increasing taxes.

Robert E. Weber Williamsville

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