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After plodding methodically through spending for four major departments, the Jamestown City Council's finance committee has found little in the way of cuts.

The committee Monday night looked at the Parks Department and Public Works Department accounts. Finance Committee Chairman Andrew Johnson said spending there already appears to be at a bare-bones level.

"There is not much that can be cut," he said. "That compounds our problem as we try to reduce the tax rate. What we are finding are a lot of capital projects needs that have not been addressed for many years now coming back to haunt the city."

Among the capital expenditures needed is another $100,000 to complete a new Department of Public Works garage on Steele Street. The project is a year behind schedule.

The city initially paid $400,000, and the Board of Public Utilities kicked in $300,000 for that garage. Johnson said while the committee agreed it must be finished, the Council will have to decide who should pay for it.

The Council also heard back from Fire Chief Charles Hajduk, who said it will cost $250,000 to repair the 80-year-old Fire Station 5 on Fairmount Avenue.

"That project has been put off year after year after year," Johnson said. "Deferred maintenance is the most expensive approach to take and that is what the city has been doing for a long, long time."

Mayor Richard Kimball proposed a $21.7 million budget that calls for raising taxes by 13 percent.

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