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Finally, Halloween is here.

It's time to put on your costume and have some fun trick-or-treating in your neighborhood.

It's also time for scary stuff. After all, isn't that what Halloween is all about?

What scares you? The dark? A big, creepy spider crawling up your bedroom wall?

We asked the fifth-graders in Joanne Vanderbush's class at School 60/Riverside Academy to tell us what scares them this time of year.

They came up with some pretty frightening things.

Read on ... if you dare.
Crows scare me and I like to be scared. They scare me because I saw a movie called "The Birds" and they attacked everyone and made people bleed. They broke windows and cement walls.

It's cool to be scared of crows because I like scary and frightening things. Ever since three years ago when I went to Grand Island to trick-or-treat and there was this guy dressed up giving out candy and worms and that night I screamed and birds came down on my arms and started scratching me and from that day on I loved to be scared. That's why it's cool to be scared.

-- Curtis Coshun
My friend has a scary house. One day I went to sleep over, and when I walked down the stairs to go to the bathroom the stairs were creaking. Then I went to the kitchen and his grandpa scared me because he looks scary. His step-dad Jay and his mom were not home. We watched a movie and went to bed. Being in a strange house scares me.

-- Jason Woroniecki
What scares me the most is when I watch the movie "Chuckie." It scared me out of my mind. I never want to watch that movie again because it made me have bad dreams. I cannot get it out of my mind. I hate when he pops out -- that really scares me the most. Sometimes I like to be scared and sometimes I don't want to be scared. I don't think I like to be this scared!
-- Veronica Wence
I was scared when I went with my big sister to be a volunteer. We were letting people in and giving them bags of candy. When we were done we went into the haunted house. It looked like a maze. It was fun at first but when we got half-way through we got scared by this guy who was weird. He had a mask on and he jumped out and scared us.

Haunted houses scare me. It is neat because you get really worked up and a funny feeling comes over you. That is what scares me and why it is neat to be scared.
-- Michelle Ranahan
I'm scared of blue jays. I was on my porch one Halloween and there was a blue jay cawing. I said, "Be quiet, you blue jay." Then all of a sudden he went straight after me.

I thought he was going to bite me! He turned and missed me. But I was terrified, so I went trick-or-treating and he and his friends were there. I thought they were going to try and bite me. Maybe it was just a coincidence or just Halloween.
-- Sara Teresa Grieco
I am scared of big or little spiders of any kind. They scare me because they are big and sometimes furry.

My friend got bitten by one, so they have scared me ever since then. My aunt had a spider in her cup one morning and I almost screamed. I like being scared of spiders as long as they don't touch me.
-- Tasha R. Hovey
One thing that scares me is when I go out on Halloween night and I go trick-or-treating. There are people who do some weird things, like trying to steal people's candy and some people put things inside your candy. They put glass and razor blades in apples. They put poison inside the candy, too.

Then some people do not check their candy, and they will be hurt. That is what scares me on Halloween.

-- Bethany Brown
I'm afraid of roller coasters. But I still go on them. My favorite roller coaster is the Predator, then the Viper. I never scream on them. If you close your eyes, it is real scary. My favorite part is going down bumps and the corkscrew. Last year I went on the Predator five times. It was so much fun.

-- Mario Richard DiPasquale

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