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Max's New York Style Deli: Sheridan Drive, Williamsville Place, Williamsville, between Youngs and Hopkins.

As you walk into Max's Deli, all you see is food, food and more food. If you have ever been to one of the delis in New York City, you can figure out exactly what I'm describing.

The smell is amazing. On your immediate right are jars of pickles. As you continue on, you see the dessert case with pies, cakes, cookies and rugalah. Just past there is the deli with all the meats and fish you can imagine -- and then some.

By taking just these few steps, you know you're in for a meal of a lifetime.

At Max's, the first thing you're served is the pickle tray. You get dill pickles, sour tomatoes and coleslaw. When you order your main meal, I recommend the hot pastrami with coleslaw and Thousand Island dressing. The spicing of the pastrami and the mayonnaise from the coleslaw and the dressing creates a remarkable taste experience.

If you're not in the mood for red meat, then I suggest the potato knish (pronounced kuh-nish). A knish is a puff pastry with vegetable mashed inside it.

If you want soup, get the chicken soup with matzo balls. Although this type of soup can have no flavor and can be all broth and no food, this isn't your average place. In fact, when you get to the bottom of the bowl, you're more likely to have matzo left than broth.

I have been to Max's five times and each time the food has been delicious.

How it rates

Food *****

The reason I didn't include the desserts with the food is that they are in two different worlds. The pies and cakes are only average; the rugalah is hard and not very flavorful.

Dessert ***

The service at Max's is slightly above average. It takes about half an hour to get your food and the waitresses are attentive.



Rating system: *****Extraordinary: ; ****Great: ; ***Average: ; **Below average: ; *Not worth trying: .

Oliver Hays is a freshman at Williamsville South High School.

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