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These days, you can put a ring anywhere: nose, navel, ears. What's next?

Your toes.

Toe jewelry has been the thing in some cultures for centuries; now it's taking hold here. Toe rings come in all styles and are usually adjustable to all sizes. You can mix and match them just like you do with finger rings, but take a test-walk first if you wear them with boots, sneakers or any other closed-toe shoes. And ladies, with toe rings, pedicures are a must.


"Bogey: Dead 6" is one heckuva game. It takes you on 12 exhilarating missions as a fighter jet pilot. Your job is to defeat international terrorists who want to take over the world.

The missions against the terrorists will take you to the Caribbean, the deserts of the Middle East and over the Pacific Ocean. You will be able to choose from several jets: the futuristic F-12 Superstar, the F/A-18 Hornet, the F-16C Fighting Falcon, the F-15E Eagle, the F-4E Phantom and the F-14D Tomcat.

The visuals are fantastic. The music accompanies the thrills that you'll experience, and the game control is solid. This stellar game ($40) is for the Sony PlayStation. Sorry, Saturn owners.


Kids in the sixth to the eighth grades are invited to create colorful banners from fabric and paint, telling about their communities, for a national art event sponsored by the Getty Education Institute for the Arts.

The deadline for middle-school teachers to submit their students' entries for the event, "Wave Your Banners," is Dec. 16.

In February 1997, one banner from each state will be chosen for display outside the new Getty Center in Los Angeles, scheduled to open late 1997.

The rest of the banners submitted will also be exhibited: either flown in local state capitals, or exhibited electronically on ArtsNetEd, the Getty Education Institute's Web site (

Entry packets are available from: "Wave Your Banner," Getty Education Institute for the Arts, c/o Pacific Visions Communications, 9000 Sunset Blvd., Suite 700, Los Angeles, Calif. 90069.


Everybody needs help with dating. So you shouldn't be surprised that MTV's popular show "Singled Out" has spawned a new guide. "MTV's Singled Out Guide to Dating" (MTV/Pocket Books) is a glossy, extra-long paperback that will guide you smoothly over dating potholes. Like a Spiegel catalog, it's in two parts. Open it from one cover, and it's advice just for girls, including how to blow someone off (Page 64). Open it the other way, it's for guys, with advice on things like how to get through a first date (Page 54). The guide, by Lynn Harris and J.D. Heiman, is $15.


"I think he's already got enough holes in his head."

-- Chicago Bears kicker Kevin Butler talks about Chicago punter Todd Sauerbraun, who wears an earring during games.
-- Knight-Ridder

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